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We have been since 1950 for making your life easy. Astrology is our ancestral work. With the guidance of ancestor and Indian Shastra we try to resolve your problem. Our aim is to ameliorate those who are facing problems and betterment of humanity using divine science of astrology.

Keeping this all-embracing vision in mind, renowned astrologer Pandit Amar Pariyal and Pandit Kamal Pariyal embarked to put astrological wisdom for help of ailing mankind. They are an astute and experienced astrologer himself and understands how different astrological systems like KP, Lal Kitab and Nadi etc , different Poojan or different stones can be applied into different situations to get practically viable results


About Your Astrologers:


Astro Amar Pariyal is well known astrologer in Pune. His qualification is Jotish Visharad, CA (Final), CS (Inter) and SAP - FICO Consultant. He have 15 years of experience in Astrology and Vastu-Shastra. 


Astro Kamal Pariyal is well know astrologer in Nagpur as well as in Wardha. His qualification is Jotish Visharad and Civil Engineer. He have 17 Years’ experience in Astrology and Vastu Shastra.

We have clients in India as well as in US, UK, Germany and Sweden. We have lots of satisfied clients with Happy family and always they are in touch. We are not treating you as client, we are dealing with you as a family. And your problem is our problem, so we are trying to solve by giving our best. We are maintaining 100% privacy of client information.